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Ideal for file encryption tools

                    File encryption for your files out of the man,    
   foreign spies, or is the best way to keep their annoying        classmates. Here Anonymous Zone blog readers use to        lock your files, look for the most popular encryption tools.  


GNU Privacy Guard (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

A dozen encryption schemes, paired keys, and support the validity of the signature. GnuPG encryption provides not only local file solid as a rock; That, coupled encryption and servers, encrypted communication through the public key of a tool. Please regular old GnuPG is a command line tool. Here's a look at the list of plug-ins for various operating and wrappers GUI application systems. The above screen Cryptophane GnuPG is a Windows GUI.

Disk Utility (Mac, Free)

Five Best File Encryption ToolsEXPAN

Like most native Mac applications and utilities, disk encryption application and the accompanying OS X, has the experience and encrypted volumes can reach blends and makes mounting a breeze. If you have not created an encrypted disk using Disk Utility before, check out our previous guide.


TrueCrypt (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

Five Best File Encryption Tools

TrueCrypt is a free, powerful, and fly disk encryption tool. TrueCrypt, you can create a secure encrypted virtual disks can be encrypted or entire drives. You can then access them when not in use TrueCrypt encrypted files and convert them to understand the meaning, there is a fly encryption tool. TrueCrypt volume of work in a variety of optimization tricks and full use of the power of modern processors, Thanksgiving is different than working with a regular unprotected disc. TrueCrypt offers strong encryption only, and it is also very safe (and obscured) security file encryption modules provides transparency in the ability to create hidden volumes.

7-zip (Windows, Free)

Five Best File Encryption Tools

(GnuPG and TrueCrypt, etc.) for the influence compared to some of the hive, which is the most popular file compression tool 7-Zip is a lightweight and are easy to dismiss. 7-Zip by offering simple ZIP container-based encryption, however, many people are filling in a perfect niche. Create a new compressed archive, throw it in your files, and slap a password. Your files are stored in the hard coded and right alongside your regular documents.

AxCrypt (Windows, Free)

Five Best File Encryption Tools

AxCrypt is a free encryption tool for Windows. Once it integrates with the Windows shell and a simple right click encryption and AES-256 encryption provides remove the installed files. AxCrypt your full contact can take place exclusively from the right-click menu.



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