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The stone which can not be put down Ravana!

You probably know that Vishnu took the Avatar Rama to end the evil ways of Ravana. But did you know that Ravana was a devotee of Shiva? And that Shiva was very fond of him? Ravana was a very cultured man and his beautiful hymns to Lord Shiva pleased very much! 

Ravana was a king who lived in the south, while the House of Shiva, Kailash, in the north.


I think one day Ravana it's a good idea to bring Kailash south so it can always be next to Shiva. Ravana has been used to get his way and could not think that this is completely ridiculous ambition! So he walked all the way from Sri Kailash and started up the mountain! 
Parvati, who was watching the actions of Ravana, was furious. She, unlike her husband, has no patience for the arrogance of Ravana. Shiva said Ravana in no uncertain terms that should be prevented from doing so. , Who said he thought it was? 

Shiva also felt that this time Ravana had gone too far. So Shiva pressed down the mountain and arrest at the hands of Ravana. Ravana in intestinal pain, but Shiva did not move. Finally, Ravana began singing hymns to Shiva about her love for him. After Ravana sang hymns 1001, Shiva's heart softened and released him. 

On another occasion, is pleased atonement Ravana gave the Shiva jyotirlinga while the stone was a symbol of radiation sir. Object was strong, and had the ability to make Ravana invincible! 

Ravana Shiva said that the stone will remain where you left off, so you must be very careful with him. 

Ravana was happy. With this stone, and increase his powers significantly. He was determined to take it to a secret. 

Just as he has great strength, and Ravana was also a great discipline when it is appropriate for him. He said he did not eat, did not sleep. He suppress all human impulses. He walked for several days, and his mind focused on access to Sri Oaqama stone there. 

Gods became restless. Again, a blessing given to the devotee has proven to be a thorn in your side! Ravana was sure to cause problems if the stone came to Sri. 

Varuna, the god of water, he decided to move. Ravana was a full bladder! Ravana wanted desperately to relieve himself, but how he will do so when he wore the sacred stone? Would be an insult to Shiva! I did not know what to do. 

Only then saw Ravana young cowboy standing next to the road. It seemed like a gift from heaven! What is more, the boy looked dull and stupid as Ravana decided to use it. It seems likely that the stone had fled. 

, "And I will give you a gem if they are to keep this stone for while.'ll Be back soon," said Ravana. 

The boy nodded and took the King Stone. Disappeared from sight Ravana second boosted the Rev. stone down! 

You see, the Cowboys only Ganesha! His father was a bonus but Ravana Shiva and Ganesha knows what would happen if Ravana succeeded in making a secret stone. This has been linked with Varuna to outwit Ravana! 

Stone sunk into the ground at the same time. When he returned Ravana, happy and comfortable in the past, has been to see his anger cowboy stand with empty hands. 

In his anger, Ravana and wounded the boy in the head. If you visit Gokarna, you'll see a statue of Ganesha with depression in your head now!
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