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we are going to add peer to peer network in this Anonymous Zone Web site. i think it will give the most value for our members and our web site... enjoy it on september 01
i think we can challeng ... Read more »
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First Go To Comment Field Where You Want To Post Comment or Status.
Then Hold Alt Key And Type 0173 From Numeric Pad.
Press Enter To Post Comment.

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පානදුර නෝලිමිට් ගිණි තබා ගැනීමේ ඇත්ත කතාව...?

පානදුර නෝ ලිමිට් රෙදිපිලි වෙළඳ සැල හදිසියේ ඇතිවූ ගින්නක් නිසා මුළුමනින්ම විනාශ වී ගොස් තිබේ. අළුයම 3.00ට පමණ ආරම්භ වී ඇති මෙම ගිනි ගැනීම නිවීමට උත්සාහ ගත්තද උදැසන 6.00 පමණ වනවිට එම ගොනැගිල්ල සම්පූර්ණයෙන් විනාශ වී ගොස් ඇත.

ගින්න ආරම්භ වූ ආකාරය ගැන මෙතෙක් තොරතුරු වාර්තා වී නැති අතර ගින්න හට ගනිද්දී ඇතුලේ සිටි සිව් දෙනෙකු එළියට පැන බේරී ඇතැයි ද වාර්තා වෙයි.

ඔන්න ඕකයි පුවත. මේ වගේ දේකින් මුස්ලීම් ... Read more »
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Panadura Interpol alert the international community to continue being destroyed in a fire at the store in the morning. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.
However, it was because there are allegations that a petrol bomb attack. There's no doubt that the short-circuit may cause fire.
When contacted, a senior police media spokesman Ajith Rohana their current location to the police who are investigating the matter, government analyst, was waiting for a report, they will not say anything now.
Justice Minister and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Rauf Hakeem visited areas in a short time ago. Following a fire in a tense situation that has developed in the area of ​​security is tight. Police and Special Task Force (STF) personnel have been deployed to maintain order.
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By Anonymous Admin

Deleting messages on Facebook is not ... Read more »
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We are Cheaters
We don’t cheat Humanity
We hate study
We Love Technology
We flirt with flirter
We are True Lovers
World Can’t Change us
We can change the world
We don’t have books in hands
We have revolutionary ideas in Mind
We are the rarest common race on earth...
Meet Us,

                         WE ARE ANONYMOUS.
        WE ARE LEGION, 
        WE ARE ONE,
        EXPE ... Read more »
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How to join Anonymous Hacker - Identity less Cyber Heroes ?

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